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ER Nurses Station V3 8727
2nd Floor Bariatric hallway  8953

St. Vincent Medical Center

Emergency Department and Surgery Expansion

  • New Emergency Department

  • Emergency Pediatric Services

  • New Surgery Pre-Op /Post-Op

  • Phased Construction

  • 100% 3D BIM

  • Evidence-Based Design

  • Same Handed Rooms

  • Behavioral Care Unit

With the overall objective to create a better healing environments and efficiencies in operations, PMBA Architects worked with St. Vincent Medical Center to design the new, state of the art emergency department and surgery expansion. The phased renovation includes separate bid packages for site work and demolition, foundations and structural steel, building envelope, and interior fit-up improvements. The 29,000 SF project includes two-stories of new construction and also the demolition of an existing six-story building on the campus.

On the main level, the emergency department expansion improves the Trauma 1 center's services for emergency pediatric care and creates a new fast track and triage area. In addition, trauma rooms and exam room pods are designed to accommodate surge capacity in case of an outbreak or event. All private rooms and standardization allows for an improved patient flow and better patient experience, while improving the efficiency of staff and physicians.

The 2nd Floor renovation and expansion includes 25 pre-op and post-op care rooms to support the adjacent surgical operating rooms. New waiting areas, staff support and physicians lounges are also provided on the 2nd Floor.

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