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Successfully implemented solutions will improve results, efficiencies, outcomes, and the perception of care.


We specialize in creating patient focused environments that integrate healing with the latest technology and equipment in healthcare. Our overriding objective is to provide a more holistic approach to the planning and design process, based on architectural and engineering technology and proven management skills, in providing the following services:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Coordination of Regulatory Requirements with Hospital Services

  • Master Planning - Campus

  • Master Planning - Facilities

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Site Selection Planning Assistance

  • Functional and Space Programming

  • Room by Room Detail Planning and Design

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Drawings and Specifications

  • Interior Design

  • Preliminary Cost Estimates

  • Project Scheduling

  • Code Surveys

  • JCAHO Statement of Conditions Survey

  • Facilities Systems Analysis

    • Inventory of Site and Enclosed Space

    • Licensing and Code Compliance

    • Environmental Safety and Risk Analysis

    • Evaluation of Re-use Options

  • CMS Surveys

  • ADA Surveys

  • C.O.N. Assistance and Documentation

  • Equipment Planning

  • Construction Administration

  • Post Occupancy Evaluations

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