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Lobby V1 8679
ER Nurses Station V3 8727
ER Nurses Station V5 8862
2nd Floor Bariatric hallway  8953
ER room V5 8757

ProMedica Edison Plaza

Downtown Office Relocation and Renovation

  • The Hybrid Work Environment

  • Flexibility

  • Design for Safety & Productivity

  • Design to Inspire Community

As part of ProMedica’s continued eff orts in the ongoing revitalization of downtown Toledo and consolidation of their employees, PMBA Architects was selected to lead the design of over 140,000 SF of office space renovations at the Edison Plaza and Summit Center buildings. The Edison Plaza building includes renovations of 95,000 SF on six floors of the building for 720 employees of Paramount Health Insurance. The Summit Center building includes renovations of 46,000 SF on five floors for 320 employees within ProMedica’s IT departments.

A hybrid work environment was provided in the design, including multimodal spaces that support collaboration and focus work equally. Renovations included private office space, open work areas, focus and team rooms, conference rooms, restrooms, and break areas. Flexible work areas were designed to create a safe environment while encouraging collaboration and improving productivity. Special attention was given to sound reduction and privacy for well-being with adaptable collaborative spaces that support the implementation of more flexible work policies.

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